DRZV2 RWD Drift Chasssis Kit (No Electronic)



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MSRP  USD$168.80

What’s New in DRZ version 2:
- Whole new front bulkhead optimized the chassis roll center to make DRZv2 capable for max angle long distance drift.
- Simple and effective single crank steering system: after years of testing various of steering system, including curve rail, double arms, servo direct drive…etc. we found that single crank is the most effective and easiest assemble in 1:28 scale.
As it consists of least joints, bearing and ball links; it is user friendly and less play slop or wobble.
- Stock chassis is 90 to 98mm wheelbase variable. Can be extended to even longer to suite 1/24 bodies with optional 1/24 conversion kit.
- Come with brass made KPI front knuckle, provide max front tire grip when doing counter steering.
- Adjustable damper spring collar, to have quick adjust of chassis ride height.
- Front and side body mount height can be adjustable, by 0.5mm step spacers. (optional).
- Option single front damper system, it is the key of max angle long distant drift. Highly recommended upgrade pats.

Package included:
-DRZ2 chassis kit and drift tires

  • Model: DRZV2-KIT
  • Shipping Weight: 200 grams
  • Manufactured by: Atomic

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